E-mini Bootcamp
A Workshop Presented by D.R. Barton, Jr. & Christopher Castroviejo

Are you ready to take your trading to a
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Smart Trade Pro
E-Mini Boot Camp

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Join D. R. Barton, Jr., Christopher Castroviejo and special guest instructors at a four day trader’s retreat. You’ll receive personal attention at all steps along the way and leave with an individualized trading plan, designed to fit you! Your plan will be tailored to take advantage of your natural abilities and psychological profile.

One day of intensive learning over the weekend
are followed by three days of guided trading on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The emphasis is on profitable day trading of Stock Index Futures with other markets and timeframes also covered.

D. R. Barton, Jr. Christopher R. Castroviejo

What You will learn at Smart Trade Pro's E-mini Bootcamp:

  • Extensive pre-retreat interviews and assignments ensure that you receive training designed especially to help you, whether you are a beginner or accomplished trader.
  • Understand the critical importance of Key Numbers as a foundation for effective trading – learn the right numbers to track and how to use them
  • Turning time into your trading ally
  • Learn little known set-ups that work
  • Identifying a trend day early – and how to jump in
  • Leaning the critical steps needed to get the right entries on range trading days – time and again
  • Effective use of gaps
  • The importance of psychology in your trading
  • The power of journaling – and the right way to do it
  • Powerful risk management and position sizing
  • Software and proprietary settings to give you a huge edge
  • How to build a trading plan that is a perfect fit for you – not a generic plan for the masses
  • Preferred trading platforms
  • Effective visualization
  • Quite simply, the best individualized trading reviews for all of your trades
  • Use of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to accelerate your learning curve
  • Powerful questions to transform your trading!!
  • Follow up to help you at home

If you’re tired of staying the same trading rut, get into the game at a whole new level with SmartTradePro. Small class size insures that you receive personal support and attention in every phase of the trading.

Don’t settle for mass-produced, impersonal training.  Step-up to training that is custom-built for you!

Here are what one of our students has said about training with Smart Trade Pro.

"I have been an active trader of stocks, mutual funds and options for eight years and have taken numerous investment courses all over the United States.  I have never taken a course that was more informative than the course with SmartTradePro.  Not only is the program intensely hands-on, the top-notch instructors – the best in the business in my opinion – work hard to turn you into a trader that can make your own decisions.  Unlike most trading programs, SmartTradePro is dedicated to your success and not aiming to turn you into a permanent student like so many other programs.  You leave the course with your own game plan to start trading right away.  They clearly put you on the path to profitable trading."

-- Christopher J. Szymanski, Ph.D., Sarasota, FL

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The course has EXTREMELY limited seating (strictly enforced to 9 people).  The price is $10,997.00 payable in advance to hold your place.

All prospective attendees will be interviewed prior to acceptance to determine eligibility.

Please call us at 877-715-0660 or e-mail us at info@smarttradepro.com to arrange a telephone interview.


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